Production Process

Step One: We talk. I want to know as much as possible about you as it relates to what you want to accomplish with your web site. Your site represents you and must reflect the appropriate image. At the end of this first step I might be able to give you a ball-park idea of the cost, but I will not venture a to quote a project fee until the end of step two.

Step Two: Based on our conversation(s) I create a few sites to demonstrate possible approaches to the design and architecture. I use open-source content management systems as the basis for most sites in order to keep design and maintenance costs as low as possible. Utilizing existing code blocks and templates, we can have your system up and running very quickly while still leaving room for growth. All sorts of enhancements are easily added to these systems through the use of components, modules and such, which are constantly being developed by the open-source community.

Step Three: When we reach an agreement on the overall strategy, I typically quote a flat fee for the project to cover the design, implementation, and the first year of hosting.

Step Four: When you sign-on, I start building the structure and you start gathering the content (text, pictures, logos, audio clips, video clips…). I can provide writing (in-house) and graphic design services (sub-contracted), if needed. I add in the content as it is delivered to me. During the development phase you will be asked periodically to view the work in progress to ensure that the project evolution is meeting your expectations.

Step Five: Final review, last-minute adjustments, and launch.