DevraWeb Client Sites

DevraWeb clients are a diverse group. Here are some links with brief descriptions. Click on a name or image to visit a site.

IPblogThe International Psychoanalysis web site, originally designed to be a group blog, grew to include several additional pages when the owner wanted his site to be a one-stop psychoanalytic web browsing site. The static pages are listed in a horizontal menu near the top of the page. Additionally, this site is programmed to support advertising not only in the sidebars but also in a scroller across the top that remains in place even when browsing the page.

VPM-homeThe Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum is one-of-a-kind, designed to present psychoanalytically-related content using not just images, but audio and video as well, in a museum-like context.

Organizations, large and small, benefit from having a presence on the web.

Sigourney Award Canadian Psychoanalytic Society Int’l Council of Editors of Psychoanalytic Journals




Many individuals, programs and small businesses wish to have a simple online presence for professional purposes. These sites contain basic information, such as credentials  and services provided, so the content does not change very often.

Dr. Ahron Friedberg Jane Hall Dr. Arnold D. Richards
AhronFriedbergMDDotCom JaneHallPsychotherapyDotCom ArnoldRichardsDotNet
Dr. Harriet Wolfe Park Avenue Center Dr. Nurit Cohen

I have also produced some web sites representing people in the jazz world.  Jim Hall, a world renowned jazz guitarist, was my father and his site is intended to keep his legacy alive. Lushlife was a site I built for John Levy, my husband, who was a personal manager for many legendary jazz artists. That site was originally quite complex as it included sub-sites for his clients with dynamically generated data to keep their itineraries current. When John died, I simplified the site with a focus on keeping his legacy alive as well. Pate’s Place is a blog-like site where every post features a “radio show” spotlighting a different jazz artist.

JimHallJazzDotCom LushlifeDotCom PatesPlaceDotNet

More? Click here to see the sites I built for my own use.