Devra’s Websites

I have decades of experience and training — click here to read my bio.

Here are the websites I built for my own current use. If you want to explore, click to visit any of the sites directly.

Applying the Power of Words is the site I use to showcase myself as a writer. It provides a place where editors or other potential clients can see my credits, find descriptions and reviews of my work, and read samples. In those cases where I retained the copyright, visitors can read many of my pieces in their entirety. For visual interest, the home page features a scroller along the bottom with images of some of my work. If you hover over the scroller it will stop, and some of those images are clickable, taking you to a new window in which you can read more.

This site is used to promote my current writing projects as well as support online purchases using simple PayPal buttons. More robust commerce modules can also be integrated but I did not require that much power for my site. SnapSizzleBopAudPlaylistI do use several flash players to feature lots of audio, video and photo albums. Players and Galleries come in all shapes and sizes, and you can configure them to play or display a single piece of content, or multiples. On this site I opted for fun and bold and jazzy.



This is my personal blog where I can pontificate about “music, books, good works, and other reasons for living.” Because it is the nature of blogs for older entries to slowly scroll off the page, my blog does include a few static pages containing information that I wanted to remain easily accessible/visible.



This is the site I use to explain and showcase my web work.