My name is Devra Hall Levy. I develop and produce web sites tailored to meet your specific goals. I have lots of experience with information architecture and user interface design, but those are just buzz-words. What is important is that I can help you assess your content needs, organize your information, and create a site that will be both attractive and functional. I do not consider myself to be a graphic designer (visual artist), but I know what looks good and what works.

I use open-source content management systems as the basis for most sites in order to keep design and maintenance costs as low as possible. If necessary I can offer site hosting and am happy to provide content updating and maintenance services, but I believe in empowering my clients to to take on some or all of these tasks themselves if they so desire.


I’ll be happy to talk to you — email me and we’ll set up a time to meet by phone or perhaps in-person.

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Devra Hall Levy